Finally updated my website!

Since my career in writing has jumped by leaps and bounds I’ve decided to update my domain, and I dare say it turned out rather well. Especially since I hired a professional; there would be no telling just how messed up the website would have become if I had been left alone to take care of it. Seriously, writing a book and writing code for a website are completely different things.

Since it’s been a while from my last update how about a little recap?

First off, my book series Chronicles of Eden has taken off and the fifth book in the series is currently being written and scheduled for a fall release this year. All the books are available on Amazon’s Kindle exclusively, with all the store links seen to your right. These books are revised and reedited versions of the original two Acts that I had published recently. The originals were taken off of Amazon this month and replaced with the new ones. What does this mean and why have I done this? A few good reasons:

-All the books are now smaller in size for download (each original book was split and refined into two separate entries with each book focusing on it’s respective arcs)
-All the books have been properly formatted and spell checked
-All the books have clearly flowing dialogue and scene advancement (no more going on and on and on about the same facts we just learned)
-All the books have had repetitive dialogue/unnecessary repeating narration/useless or pointless speech/unneeded narration removed (simply put, I trimmed a lot of filler out of each chapter)
-Fixed some slight continuity issues between a few of the Acts (small errors, nothing major but I want this perfectly clean from start to finish)
-Lowered prices for all books

Why did I do this? Simple. Because I want this series to shine, and it needed a big update. I listened to a lot of feedback and reviews, and decided before going further I needed to restructure and revise what I had first before adding onto it. New readers will get the optimum reading experience this way, and if previous owners choose to buy the new editions because they want to there’s no harm in that.

So is that all I’ve been doing? Not at all. Want to know what else is coming?

Chronicles of Eden the video game is now in development! Yes, that’s right! The series is getting a game adaptation! Well, sort of.

No, this isn’t some raunchy sex game with all the girls. Nice try. And no, this isn’t a RPG game where you play through the events of the book. That would equate to a sex game, and I’m not making that. This is going to be a fighting game, similar to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, with the player being able to choose from the girls of the series to fight as. And no, this isn’t some dinky flash game being made. This is a genuine, full-fledged, Unreal 4 Engine built game that will be uploaded onto Steam for the PC upon its completion! This will include:
-Choose from 12 playable girls from the series books so far, from Triska, Squeak, Sasha, Rulo, Tora, and many others
-Fight against the enemy AI or face off in local versus mode on the same PC
-2 hidden boss characters to fight against depending on how well you play
-Support for game controllers or keyboard
-And if I can get it working in time some Steam Achievements to keep the enthusiasts happy

A demo of the game, which will include four playable girls, will be released this fall. The full game, with the official title not yet determined, will be set on Steam later next year for a low price. Stay tuned for further updates on this. And yes, the girls will be voiced in English, this is an American game after all.

If you’re a returning viewer to my blog, then welcome and I hope you like the changes. If you’re new and just now found my page, I hope you like what you see and please take a look at my stories if you wish. You just might find something new to love.

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