Two steps forward, one step back

On the home stretch for the next Chronicles of Eden book, with Act V nearing completion. Two more chapters remain to be written, two more pieces of character art remain to be drawn, then once the book has been proofread and compiled into an ebook it shall be published online for all of you to enjoy. There’s going to be more monster girls, more drama, more action, more teasing reveals, and one big change for our lucky hero of the story. The book will be out before the end of the month, the game demo however… not quite.

I’ve received word that the artist behind the game development has suffered a bit of a hiccup, what with his system being stolen and all. He does of course have a backup of the game files and progress he’s made, albeit a backup that’s a few weeks old. The game demo will of course have its release pushed back because of this, though rest assured it will be coming out as soon as it can. Apparently there was one individual out there who really wanted to see the game before it was done and took it upon himself to steal the programmer’s computer. Thanks a lot, jackass. Enjoy the unfinished game you looted. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress of the game, in the meantime let’s all hope the bastard who took it is caught and suffers a fate worse than what Jovian and Jacqueline would do to him ;)

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