So what about RV: BD?

This has been asked by many, if not most, of my fans and readers. When am I going to return to writing more of Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness? Am I moving away from the series or am I really coming back to finish it? Will it ever receive another update? What will happen to Tsukune? I’ll say what I said before, time and again. I will not be abandoning the story. I will come back to finish it. After all the time and effort I put into that story I have no intention of leaving it with a perpetual cliffhanger. The story will receive its final ending one day, I promise you all that.

Just not anytime soon. The real truth of the matter is Chronicles of Eden has grown and gained all my attention, I don’t have time right now to focus more on RV: BD. I do want to, probably just as much as you want me to continue with it. Act VII was just about to kick it into high gear with everyone about to leap into action, the pivotal moment before Babylon’s invasion was finally at hand, the clock was running out with Discord’s awakening, and Tsukune was about to make one hell of a return in the story. There’s so much about to happen, and it will only get more intense and powerful as the final three acts of the series unfold. But I just don’t have the time or focus right now to make that happen, and I’m not going to put out chapters that have no effort behind them just to put out chapters, nobody would appreciate that. All my creative writing is going into Eden right now, and for good reason. This series is going to be supporting me, my writing will be giving me a return that equates to me being free from having a day job and allow me to focus even more on my writing career. That’s something I want very much, and am working hard to achieve. Once I’m financially free writing anything, especially this epic fanfiction, will be far more easier to do. Less stress with no more work, more time and energy for making these stories come to life. That’s a win-win.

So I’m sorry that a lot of you reading this aren’t too happy with the news, I know many have been patiently waiting for RV: BD to continue, but this a priority of mine and I do hope you understand that. I know I used to write a chapter every day for RV: BD when it was younger, but now that my writing has taken me to a much higher level I’m not able to focus-fire so much of my energy on the fanfic that I used to. It’s just how it goes.

RV: BD will continue again, it won’t be left to collect virtual dust on, but right now I’m not able to continue with it, as much as part of me really does want to. The fanfic will remain on hold until I’m at a comfortable level with my writing and living. Though rest assured that the wait, however long it may be, will be worth it.

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