More Eden coming this winter

The next Act in the series is already nearing its halfway completion point and is going to be making its debut this winter. However this time Daniel and his growing harem won’t be the only stars. Throughout the series the readers have been given only fleeting glimpses of Daemon and his loyal followers, with their own quest being their only focus above all else and the mystery behind it growing more each time they revealed themselves. Next to nothing has been shown about who exactly these wandering fighters are, where they came from, or what is truly driving them forward. They seem to be the opposite of Daniel and his girls. More hardened, focused, and less emotional with one another, although the girls who follow their swordsman have shown signs they want more with him all the same. But with each time they appear, they vanish as quickly as they came, keeping to themselves and never revealing more.

Until now.

While Daniel and his harem will come back for another Act and face new changes and developments within their growing family, this time Daemon and his followers are going to take a more prominent stand as the story will follow them more closely and shed some light on what it’s like for them during their own quest in Eden. Their mission of collecting all the key fragments to the fabled City of Eden isn’t an easy one, however unlike Daniel and his believers of peace Daemon and his girls aren’t hesitant to spill blood to achieve their goal. The next Act will show the differences between these two factions, as well as some things they both share in common.

Chronicles of Eden – Act VI will be out this winter. Be prepared for more monster girls, more drama, more conflicts, and more surprises. Would you honestly expect anything less from the series at this point?

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