Chronicles of Eden – Act VI is almost ready!

The sixth book is nearing completion and may even be out by the end of this month! Really excited to get this particular entry done and published as it brings about much desired character development for those that have been very mysterious so far and changes things up big time with… well, I shouldn’t say anything more. Just know that this book is going to make the wait for Act VII hard, although rest assured that as soon as this book is out I’m jumping right to writing the next one.

Also, for any out there who haven’t yet explored the world of Eden with my series, the first entry, Chronicles of Eden – Act I, is available for free download this weekend. It’s even reached #8 in Amazon’s Top 100 free fantasy books after just today, showing that many are taking their first steps into this magical world of monsters and adventure as of this post. If you haven’t given it a peek yet now’s the perfect time to take a look, you just might like what you see 😉

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