Next book coming soon!

The next entry in the Chronicles of Eden series is approaching, with even more surprises and action in store for everyone. Daniel’s in for one hell of an awakening with Kitten, old enemies are approaching with devious intentions, new friends will literally drop out of the sky, and more NSFW scenes with a larger harem than before because our hero is one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Not only that, but will certain mysteries finally be revealed? What lies within the City of Eden? Who exactly are Apoch and Astreal? Is Triska truly lost? And what is the fate of the mythical blade that Ember wields?

Chronicles of Eden – Act VII will be out soon with even more lustful monsters and danger drawing closer to Daniel and his girls.

Prepare for things to heat up, a nefarious plot to unfold, and the return of the gemini sisters.

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