Two Eden releases coming soon!

First off, no, I’m not talking about the video game Chronicles of Eden: Femme Fatale. That is still being worked on, but not ready for release soon.

I’m talking about the release of two Kindle ebooks. The first is of course Chronicles of Eden – Act VII, which is roughly 3/4 done at this time. This book will set into motion the climactic event for the first major arc of the series, with the Gemini revealing their grand plan to cause as much pain and suffering they can to Daniel and all those around them. Plenty of action, drama, laughs, cries, and more monstergirls in this next Act.

The second is a Chronicles of Eden guidebook, the first volume of which will include detailed bios and personal information about the characters we’ve seen up through Act VII as well as more facts about the world of Eden, geography, locales, special items and weapons, and much more. Want to know Squeak’s exact bust size? Now you’ll know. Want to know what the Key to Eden is really used for? Now you’ll know. Want to know what Daemon really is? Now you’ll know. Want to know what Clover’s fetish is? Now you’ll know. The first guidebook will of course have many spoilers for those who haven’t read the series, but that’s to be expected given how much content and information it’s packing. Of course this isn’t another textbook of knowledge, as it will include special artwork for characters both seen in previous books and those who haven’t yet, trinkets and special items, locales and even the group’s caravan in its enhanced state, special fanservice ecchi pictures of the girls, and much more that will be exclusive to the guidebook. Simply put, a must have for Eden fans everywhere.

These two books will be out at roughly if not exactly the same time, however they will likely be released after the new year at the rate they’re going. I do have family to spend time with during the holidays after all, and a gigantic backlog of anime and video games that’s been piling up. I do need some ‘me’ time during all this. That’s not asking too much, right?

Thank you to everyone who has read/reviewed/remarked/or just bought my books for the hell of it. I appreciate all the support, thank you very much for helping this world of monstergirls and adventure grow to such incredible heights.

More Eden is coming soon. Much more Eden.

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