Thank you for all your support! :D

As I finish another chapter of Chronicles of Eden – Act VII and also review upcoming artwork commissions, video updates for the Chronicles of Eden video game, and emails/messages about the pending releases of more Eden books, I find myself taking a step back and realizing that “Holy crap, this is all really happening.” I have a wonderful book series that’s spawned video game adaptations, high quality artwork, and is providing for me in terms of food, water, and gas for my car. Well, more than that, but you get the picture. This is all so amazing to see happening that it’s still unreal for me to fully grasp it all.

And it’s all thanks to readers and fans out there that have been supporting me. All of this wouldn’t have progressed or even came to be without them.

Every watcher on my DeviantArt page.
Every subscriber on my Youtube channel.
Every follower on my AGordonPublishing website.
Every reviewer on my Amazon store pages.
Every follower on my Goodreads profile.

All of these make all the difference in the world, and all are appreciated for their support with my writing career. I know to some it may not seem like much, just clicking on a subscribe or watch button or leaving a few words in a review or comment, but each one does bring a smile to my face and lets me know that you like what I’m doing. So to all those out there who are supporting me and my works, thank you very much. And if you’ve been contemplating whether it would be worth it to click that simple button or leave a short review, please do as it does help everything I do grow even if by a little bit.

I love what I do, and I plan on doing this for as long as I’m able to type and imagine such stories and ideas. So, you know, basically for the rest of my life :D

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