Patreon page is now live!

Well it was only a matter of time. A Patreon page for A.Gordon Publishing is now up and running. New content will be posted monthly, with various rewards available for subscribers and fans of course ;)

Please check it out, and if you would be so awesome to pledge, here.

As for the real burning question a lot my fans are wondering, where is Chronicles of Eden – Act VII? The answer is it’s almost done, and the reason why it’s taking this long is because it’s actually been expanded into a larger book than previously planned. Inspiration struck, the timing was right, and some much needed character development for two of the girls was made possible along with a long anticipated tease as to what, and who, exactly is waiting in the forgotten City of Eden. And you know there’s the usual stuff that I’ve been tweaking to make sure fans get the most out of this Act. Alyssa and Ember’s fateful reunion, the Gemini’s bloody return, and Daniel stepping up as the protector of his growing harem and brandishing some new magic and clothes. Oh, and as the cover has alluded to, Triska gets her hands on a very special sword ;)

The release is coming soon for this book. Sorry for the wait, but I wanted to make sure it was a proper addition to the series and only the best for my readers will do.

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