Next Eden book underway!

Well I’m back into the swing of things with the next book on my list. Chronicles of Eden – Act VIII is underway with the first three chapters done and character designs set for the next group of characters. The book is set to have more monster girls, a vixen trio of monster hunters, and plenty of action/drama/laughs/adult-rated content to carry the story as Daniel and his growing harem find anarchy spreading throughout the land by the bloodthirsty gemini. The time has come to rally the monster races who would give peace a chance with the humans, as they’re going to need all the help they can get not only to make a sound case with the queen of Rockhelm but also to survive the impending war.

The last few books have taken things somewhat slow with the progression of Daniel’s journey, what with a few things to deal with here and there with his girls, but now time is of the essence and they’re going to need to get their act in gear before its too late. New alliances will be forged. His mystical power will be revealed. And the bonds shared with his girls will be strengthened, by means I’m sure you can imagine. No more time to rest for Daniel, he’s got a lot to do ;)

Chronicles of Eden – Act VIII will be out later this year, no exact date is set for the book as of this time.

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