Update time!

Sorry for the delay in news, been very busy with so many upcoming projects and releases, but it’s time for some announcements!

First off, Chronicles of Eden – Act VIII is halfway through being written. Yeah, it’s come that far already. Still have a lot more to write and tweak with it, but the next book is moving along ahead of schedule and will be out this summer! All the artwork, including some unique pieces, are still in the rough drawing stage, so there’s plenty of time to get this next big Act finalized for publication. There’s going to be more monstergirls, monster hunters, larger fights, more fun under the sheets ;) ;) *nudge nudge*, more suspense, and more… well, let’s just say it’s going to raise the bar even higher than Act VII did for the series in every regard. Things are going to get hot, wild, and dangerous for Daniel and his harem as they journey towards their goal of peace in Eden and come face to face with the sinister gemini once again. That and a major cast change is set to happen that only my artist knows of and is sworn to secrecy not to tell a living soul about. A ‘special’ artwork piece will be made and teased before the book’s release for this, be prepared for the feels.

Also, I’ve discontinued my Patreon account after considering the ‘exclusiveness’ of its content and deciding that I want all trailers, sneak peaks, and NSFW content to be accessible by all my fans (of the appropriate ages of course). Therefore my main website AGordonPublishing.com will continue to act as the nexus for news and updates. But what about the NSFW content, I hear you ask? Well, that too is part of the announcement. I’ve jumped my adult rated content from site to site in the past, and it’s gotten tiresome. Therefore, a sister site to AGordonPublishing is being created of my own, GearWorkHentai, which will offer my readers and followers what they’re after and more, for free.

Lastly, I know many of my followers are itching for more Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness, and I am sorry it’s been over a year since its last update (the longest delay in its history, I know). I’m working hard to get the first major arc of Chronicles of Eden finished up before I return to the fanfiction, but just know that I haven’t forgotten the story and I do intend to finish it. I put so much into it so far, I’m not going to let it sit out there unfinished after all that. Have a little more patience, and we’ll see Moka and the gang jumping into action in all the splendor I know you all expect from them. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise ;)

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