I want to clear something up with everyone

Hello, my name is Alexander Gordon, author and creator of Chronicles of Eden. There has been some growing confusion regarding the order of books in the series and a number of reviewers saying they are not the right ones in the order. Here is one of the messages I’ve received as an example:

“I was planning to start reading the eden series but as I was reading some of the reviews on amazon they said that some of the books were just improved versions of the first two books. the problem is that it didn’t specify which books where the rewrites. It was all very confusing. For a first time reader and not wanting to read the same content twice which book should I start with and what is the correct order to read them in?”

Here’s some clarification as to what all of this is about.

On June 15, 2015 the book series, which at the time had two entries, was removed and replaced with updated editions. The reason for this update was because the two books needed an overhaul and corrections. Each book, the original Act 1 and Act 2, were combed through again, fixing silly typos, changing dialogue and scene advancement to flow more smoothly, removed unnecessary narration, fixed slight continuity issues, and each book was then split into two separate books. Why the split? To keep each `half’ as its own focused story and arc, to reduce download space, and to reduce the price.

Thus, the original Act 1 became what is now Act I and Act II, and the original Act 2 became Act III and Act IV. Why did I do all this to begin with? Because I want this series to shine, and it needed a big update. I listened to a lot of feedback and reviews, and decided before going further I needed to restructure and revise what I had first before adding onto it. New readers will get the optimum reading experience this way, and if previous owners choose to buy the new editions because they want to there’s no harm in that.

So where did all the confusion come in with this, you ask? When the four new books were published on June 15, 2015 a warning/disclaimer was added to the book stores for each one to alert readers that these were updated editions, and that they should check to make sure they were getting the book they needed. This warning was on the pages for six months to give existing followers time to see the changes. How could they check if they needed the new book? Simply open the preview of the book and take a glance at it. Even the publication dates, ASIN numbers, and the change from using numbers to roman numerals in the store page titles were different. If they read it already, they didn’t need to buy it again. If they wanted the new version, they could buy it, but they weren’t being forced to.

Unfortunately people did not check first. And they immediately assumed they were getting ripped off when they purchased an updated Act that they had already read and discredited the series. Firstly, they couldn’t get ripped off or scammed, not by me or anyone, as they could always return the book for a full refund. Secondly, this was why I had the warning on the book pages, to alert them that there was a change and to check before buying.
So to clarify, all the books of Chronicles of Eden that are available are the correct, revised versions. The old editions were removed entirely in an effort to hinder further confusion to the update. You can only buy the right ones now, the order of the Acts you see on Amazon is the correct order.

To those who were upset or lost about why all this happened I meant no trouble for you, and I tried to make this transition as simple and painless as possible for everyone. I do stand by my decision of redoing the series to make it better, and I’m glad I have as it’s a much better reading experience now than when it was then. If given the choice whether to do it all over again, I would. The changes needed to be made, and it was in the best interest of everyone that I did it sooner rather than later.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about the stories and Act numbers. There is much more to tell in this series and many more books to come, so I hope all readers, both existing and new, can enjoy the world of Eden.

Thank you for reading.

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    1. Ironic, but true. A great many readers who bought the books when they first came out paid no mind to the disclaimer and blamed me for being a shady publisher. Some of them even wrote great reviews of following books, but never retracted their earlier ones despite that. Just goes to show how people can be online.

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