Chronicles of Eden – Act VIII progressing rapidly

The next book is coming along at a wonderful pace, with the story advancing Daniel and his group towards the inevitable reunion with the gemini and their growing horde of dark followers. The book will follow the growing bonds between Daniel and his girls, introduce a slew of new characters, reveal the true power Daniel is learning to wield, and will have plenty of fighting scenes with more monsters than ever before. Of course this isn’t the beginning of the war, this is just a warmup. Daemon and his followers will show they won’t be pushed around, a trio of vixen monster hunters will prove they’re more than capable in a fight, a naive sand wraith will be given a chance at a new life, and Daniel’s quest to bring peace to the world will be challenged as the gemini stand before him to not only destroy his dream but also take away what he cherishes the most. There will be laughs, there will be drama, there will be revelations of heart, and there will be heartbreak as the eighth act of this story will change not only Daniel’s journey in the world, but also the lives of those closest to him.

The cover for this book has been decided upon, the story is being written faster than the previous act, and this one will take you for a much wilder ride with the biggest jaw-dropping ending to date. The bar is set high on this one, and I aim to deliver. The only question is are you ready for what comes next?

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