Eden is still the little sister, but that’s okay

As many of you who follow me know, Chronicles of Eden is not only my flagship ebook series that’s put me into a career path as being a professional writer and publisher, but it’s also one of my best stories to date. The large ensemble cast, the grand adventure and story arcs, the… well, hardcore R-Rated content. It all helps make the story an amazing journey that many are jumping into, more and more each day as a matter of fact. Its sold thousands of books since last year, given rise to fantastic character artwork pieces, and even spawned multiple hentai doujins because why the hell not. A video game is in development with its characters, I’m planning to have audiobooks made for it, it’s even been rated and advertised in Serious Reading Magazine with a promising review and recommendation. I am extremely proud of the series and thrilled that so many readers and followers love the books and the characters it has brought the world. It is certainly one of my best works.

However, it’s not the most popular of my stories. As great as Chronicles of Eden is and how big it’s grown, the reality is that there’s a much bigger fanbase and following who are gathered around its predecessor. There is simply no denying it, especially after having gone over the numbers. Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness is still the most popular story I’ve created to date. Even after one year of no updates to it with Eden now taking all my time and energy, the story has received no less attention with new and old fans. In fact the story is being read through from start to it’s current ending point day after day, week after week, month after month, without fail. The number of views the massive story has racked up now has exceeded 400,000. Of the most viewed and voted favorite character pieces I’ve posted online, the cast of RVBD always gets the most. The number of people asking for when the next chapter of the fanfiction will come out always outnumbers those asking about Eden. Simply put, RVBD is still ‘the’ flagship story under my name.

Normally this might be a bad sign for Chronicles of Eden, after all if people are more interested in a fanfiction I’ve created what’s that mean for the future of my books? Well the good news is sales haven’t been going down for Eden, they’ve only been going up. I do get asked about the next books coming out, characters of Eden are becoming known and favorites to many, and the rankings for the books are always high for their genre as far as Amazon rankings go. Chronicles of Eden is still growing and becoming a larger, more developed story as time goes on. Eventually it will surpass RVBD, I have no doubts about that, but what I’m excited to see right now is that my fanfiction that started everything for me, that gave birth to Eden and to my writing career, is still being well-received by readers even with the long hiatus. In fact its growing in popularity even more so, simply by standing on what’s already been created without a new chapter having been released in over a year. That speaks highly about the quality of its story and characters, and that can only be mirrored with the way Chronicles of Eden is growing, slowly but surely, out of its gigantic shadow.

As I continue writing to this day and loving it more and more with each word and sentence I create, I never forget what it is that brought me to this point in my life and has given me this new path to take. It wasn’t just the anime Rosario Vampire that started it all, it wasn’t just my fanfiction which has shown the world a new writer has arrived, and it wasn’t just the paychecks I’m getting from Chronicles of Eden that are ever so sweet. It was the readers, the followers, the fans, the ones that stuck with me as I developed my virtual penmanship and created my style of storytelling, the ones that supported and cheered me on when others were rather quick to try and write me off. It’s readers and fans like you that make all of this worth it in the end.

So with that in mind, I would like to thank all of you for everything. The entire world and cast of RVBD thanks you, those in the world of Eden thank you, and the many others who are waiting to be brought to life from the depths of my mind thank you. Whether you’re an artist who is helping illustrate my characters for the world to see, a reviewer letting me know you liked the story and can’t wait for more, or simply a silent fan who supports me all the same by reading what I’ve created, thank you all very much. Truth be told, you’re the source of magic that makes all these stories come to life.

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