Halfway through the year

Don’t worry everyone, I know many of you were freaking out over the fact that I haven’t posted any updates in a month, and were growing worried I had finally dropped dead on my keyboard while mid-sentence during another chapter I was writing due to lack of food, sleep, or whatever else it is I need to function in the real world. Well rest assured I haven’t given up the ghost just yet. I’ve just been relaxing lately (sort of my summer vacation in a way), and preparing for some big life changes coming within the month. All these changes are good ones of course, and they’re actually all in thanks to the support my ebook and related sales have given me, so for that I’d like to thank all of you for helping me take some big steps in my living and work environments. Also been spending time with family, catching up on my never-ending supply of anime, and been getting used to jumping into VR with my Oculus Rift. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing though, the next Chronicles of Eden book is underway, and the release date is aiming for fall this year. So I’m sorry for the lack of updates up until now, I’ve just been busy (or not busy and resting depending on the day) as of late.

Sales for Chronicles of Eden ebooks and prints has been rising higher and higher over the year, and I’m glad to see so many people are enjoying the world and characters I’ve brought to life. Just a few things to note for what’s in store:
-The gemini will be making their return to the story in fashion quite suited to them. Expect by the end of Act IX to hate them even more than you do now. Daniel sure as hell will.
-The video game is still being worked on, and when I have proper demo videos to show they will be uploaded to my Youtube channel. Should be very soon.
-The first major arc of the series, titled “Unity”, will be continuing until likely Act XI. Act X was the original planned end of the arc, however the story has grown and fleshed out more that it may take an additional book to finish. Personally I’m just fine with that, just means more time to spend with the characters and their adventure together.
-New Character prints are being made of a few of the girls, these being of special fanservice in thanks to all the readers and supporters out there with my books and print sales. Not much clothing involved with these ;)

And as always I’ve been receiving plenty of messages asking when RVBD will resume again. Regarding that here are a few notes to answer any and all questions for that topic:
-RVBD will be resuming in 2017. No exact date is set yet. One will be announced when it is time.
-RVBD will be going through a complete revision to bring it up to date with my writing style I’m currently using (much needed grammar and sentence structure revisions, removing redundant narrative, fixing typos, etc). The entire saga will be brought up to the same writing quality as my ebooks.
-RVBD will be getting new HQ Character art pieces, similar to how Chronicles of Eden has the high-rez prints made. This will be for both canon and OC characters.
-RV: A Game of Chance will be updated in similar fashion and completed before RVBD is started up again. This is because there is a point where the two stories crossover with each other with a scene that takes place further ahead in RVBD Act VII.
-RVBD will continue with Tsukune and Ren in Paradise before following where it left off, with Moka and the gang trying to stop civil riots and rampages of monsters in the human world. And yes, as the previews have shown Tsukune will be returning from Paradise in this Act. As to when and how, that’s a secret.
-Pandora’s Box will finally be opened. Who opens it is also a secret.
-The ‘Big OC Battle’ where readers can submit their OCs to either join Moka and the Monster Coalition or Fairy Tale will be happening still. I will announce ahead of time before the battle begins so people can submit their OCs if they want to, and those that have already submitted ones are still on track to join the story for the big battle.

So there’s your update on what’s going on. Plenty to look forward to this year and the next, and much more to follow after that. Thank you again to everyone who has purchased my books, reviewed my books, purchased my art prints, or simply said they enjoyed reading my stories. Each and every one of you is appreciated for that, and I do thank you all for helping me become a professional author in life. Looking forward to what the future will bring next :)

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