8 comments on “Still at it

    • I have always thought about making the series into an actual anime, and to answer why I haven’t done so yet is quite simple. It would be extremely expensive for me to do that. For now, an anime adaptation isn’t planned or considered realistic for the time being. Maybe in the future one could be made, but for now not quite.

  1. How about making a manga version of the books in order to extend the story out to a wider audience, it might be possible to do with a team of artist. Speaking of art you could also make some character art for the Giant Butterfly and Ant Girl Queens that the main protagonist has encountered, since some people who have read the book might be curious about what they look like. The only other suggestion I can come up with would be to maybe write a few short stories about any side adventure that Daniel and the Girls have experience during their main adventures, like for example you could do one where Daniel is attempting to cast a new spell and as a result accidentally shrinks himself down to the size of a Fairy and for a little while throughout the story he experiences the world from Pip’s perspective, which would be interesting to read especially when considering how the other girls would react to seeing heir man in such a state. Other than that you have a great series going on and I can wait to see where things go from here.

    • I have considered making a manga version of the books, however it would be vastly more costly and time consuming to have done, and right now that’s not an option for me. I might have a manga made for it in the future, but right now I’m focused on novella series to complete.
      Regarding the art of the giant butterfly monarch, Florence, and the ant girl queen, Victoria, they were excluded from the books they appeared in due to cost and time of having the artwork made for them at the time. All of the monster rulers will be drawn and included in the book when they meet with the queen of Rockhelm, sort of having all the rulers seen together in art form then. The only reason Charlotte had hers done is because she plays a reoccurring role in following books and would benefit more of having art made for her.
      As for side stories, a few ideas have been planned, however right now the main story has my focus and I want to get through the first major arc before splitting off into side story territory. This is also something I’ll consider working with in the future when I’m more available for it.
      Glad you like the books so far. The adventure is just getting started, so there’s plenty more to look forward to.

      • Glad to hear it, and I know you probably can’t reveal much that would be considered to spoiler but my inner curious cat just has to know is the Kitsune seen at the end of the latest book the one that saved Daniel when he was a kid, if not will we ever see this Kitsune again and learn why she saved him in the first place.

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