Winter is coming

Winter is coming. That means the next book is coming. Right? Right? That’s how it goes, right? Winter is coming!

Well yes, the next Chronicles of Eden book is coming. Act IX is shaping up to be one of the most packed entries the series has had yet. Plenty of adventure, action, suspense, comedy, some heartbreak, and plenty of monstergirls doing what monstergirls do best in this world ;)

The events of Act IX were originally going to happen in the previous book, however Act VIII grew so much that it would have made the book overly large compared to others. That’s starting to happen again with the current Act IX, as there’s so much going on and still destined to happen to move the story forward. But this book isn’t going to be split like the last one was, it’s going to get to its destination in the story no matter what. That being the case, I’m working with balancing events with what I would like to have happen and what needs to happen to move the story along instead of it dragging on with too much content or cutting out a lot of what our heroes would come across. I’m not cutting anything out, but I’m revising how things occur to keep the flow going while also hitting all the plot points I set. So what does this mean for the book? It means it’s going to be big. A lot of events need to happen before Act IX comes to a close, and I’m not skipping over any of them. New monstergirls, new discoveries, and an ending that’s going to hit harder than a pissed off ant girl. That means readers can expect plenty to sink their teeth and minds into when it comes out.

This also means I may not make the expected release date for the end of this month. I’m not going to rush this, I’m not going to shorten it either. I want this entry to be as perfect as can be. So hopefully I can still get the book out before October ends. If not I hope you all won’t be too upset with having to wait a little longer. I promise however long the wait may be, it will be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Glad to hear it, and I know you probably can’t reveal much that would be considered to spoiler but my inner curious cat just has to know is the Kitsune seen at the end of the latest book the one that saved Daniel when he was a kid, if not will we ever see this Kitsune again and learn why she saved him in the first place. If you can’t say anything I understand I just couldn’t help but wounder since the story has a way of immersing the reader into the world, which is an experience I’ve felt from a few authors like Tolkien, Riorden, Paul Evans, and Rowling to name a few. What I am getting at here is that you a good story going on here with its own unique style so as much time as you need because whether you release the book in October or December I will continue to show the series some support, and I can bet I am not the only one who feels this way. Also I see what you did there with the Game of Thrones reference in the post title.

  2. Thank You for telling us all how the next Act is coming. I would rather you take your time and finish the way you see it than to rush it just to beat a deadline to satisfy us readers. I love this series and if it takes longer than that just means it’ll be better. Thank you again.

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