Chronicles of Eden – Act IX almost ready!

I’m happy to announce that Chronicles of Eden – Act IX is almost done! I’m going through the story with a final check for any errors or revisions that need to be made while the final four art pieces are being drawn up by a very talented artist. The book is nearly ready to be compiled and published for the world to see, which I’m sure many of you have been waiting to hear. So did I manage to cram all the content I wanted to into it? Was I successful with getting the story to where I wanted it to be by this book’s end? Is it going to be as amazing as I’ve hyped it up to be? To answer those questions, no, no, and yes. Try as I might I just couldn’t fit all the plot points into it without it literally bursting apart with story elements. I couldn’t rush the character development, the story progression, and the new backstories that are revealed. Nor did I wish to cut them out either. In fact, had I decided to cut content in order to reach my previous destination in the story by this Act’s end it would have had half of its current content removed. That’s a huge chunk of story that I didn’t want to throw away simply to have the story further along. So what was the solution for this then? I can’t keep spinning my wheels after all. People want to see the story go somewhere, right?

Some of you may have noticed the cover to Act IX I had in my galleries has been removed. That’s because I will no longer be using that cover as it doesn’t go with this book anymore. A new, more accurate cover for this Act is being made. The original Act IX cover won’t be reused in the future either, I’m not going to rename it againย just to use it. In fact, the event that the cover was originally designed around doesn’t happen now, as the story has changed to suit the new progression. The story has changed, you say? Well, sort of. Chronicles of Eden has a beginning, middle, and end already set. I know where the story needs to go, and what will happen with the major plot points. What is able to be added/removed/changed is the steps it takes to get to those points. The story has an ebb and flow to it, it’s partially dynamic and part set in stone. Act IX as it is had more flux to it and allowed a slight deviation to be made while also moving the story forward in its own way. We had some much needed character development, some surprising reveals, and the ending, while not the same as what was originally intended, will still strike a hard blow for the Act to close out on. The gemini are still going to cause painful wounds to those they come across, and although someone has been spared a very dire fate at their hands in this final revision, another will not be so fortunate. Even though this book has changed slightly, their cruelty has not, and they will leave their mark before the final page is done.

The book is being given one last look through and awaiting the final art pieces for it before publication, so expect to see the new book coming out very soon. It’s still a large addition to the series, that hasn’t changed, and will move the story along and properly introduce new faces that Daniel and the girls come across while also answering some questions about a particular cat in the group many readers have been asking since the previous Act. Shock and awe are still inbound with Act IX. Is everyone ready for an explosive ride this time around? And that isn’t a metaphorical question either ;)

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  1. I really love the books.. so I am not worried about length. I really want to encounter different types of monsters more than the end of daniel’s quest. And I would really like a confrontation between Daemon and Daniel in the next either IX or X due to the fact that Clover is holding a key and Daemon can apparently sense them.

    1. The preview chapter for Act IX is still accurate, only the ending chapters of the book have been changed to suit the book’s new stopping point. Daniel and the girls are still following the same path they were before, only a slight detour has been made to accommodate some character development and introductions.

      And don’t worry, Daemon and Daniel are destined to meet, each of their parties not only is seeking the keys that each other has, but both also carry the hope of stopping the gemini sisters. How they will act with one another when they finally do meet however you’re going to have to wait and see.

  2. One thing I am curious about is what type of Elf is Clover? I ask this because in many other books that feature elves their are more than just the one that is shown such as High elf, Light elf, Dark elf, Wood elf, Snow elf,Sun elf, Moon elf etc. I know she is defiantly not a dark elf but their are so many other types that mach her description that to stir enough to wonder which type she is. Also, does this mean that as the series continues their is a good chance of Danielle and his group of encountering other types such as the Dark elves eventually?

    1. Variations of the elves aren’t specified in any of the books. All that’s been referred to and seen is a Monster Class of Elves that Clover is a part of. Whether there are different elves or not remains to be seen.

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