Happy holidays!

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and just a fantastic weekend with family and friends. I myself am enjoying the holiday break along with resting before starting work on my next book, it’s nice to take it easy and unwind now again. For those of you asking Chronicles of Eden – Act X will be started next month and shall be the first publication of the new year. I know many are eager to see how the story continues, especially after the cliffhanger at the end of Act IX, and I’m looking forward to releasing the next chapter of this exciting series as soon as I can. And yes, as promised Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness will resume next year as well. I’m sure many have been grinding their teeth into dust for that story to continue again. Don’t worry, the time is almost at hand.

Until then, let’s all enjoy the winter break and prepare for a brand new year with brand new possibilities for us all. Thank you all for your continued support, every bit is always appreciated. Here’s looking forward to the next amazing year for all of us.

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