7 comments on “Next book starting off hot!

  1. Looks great. I can’t wait to see what happens next because after the way the last book ended its hard to know how Daniel is going to bring over the Centaurs and the Elves as allies after what The Gemini’s handiwork pretty much makes it something hard to accomplish.

  2. Wow.. I actually have a sneaking suspicion that Flarah is the Darker One that saved Daniel when he was a baby. It would all be awesome if Kitsune has the ability to see future and this was some master plan of hers to kill Twillight.

    And also….. Excellent work on Act IX.It was a real relief that the number for mates has been fixed and we are going to finally have baby antgirls,butterflys and nixies. The Max/Lelu touch was a stroke of brilliance and I can’t wait to find out his sisters’ reactions.

    One thing gives me pause… Alyssa is immortal right? She has already made peace that her lifespan is much more than Daniel’s and that she will never touch another male after Daniel, but what about Triska? Having been made a Cambion, she will also be an immortal if Daemon is anything to go by, how will she react to saying goodbye to Daniel in so few decades when she is still in her prime?( Not to pressure you, but just a thought) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it. I know many have been thinking the same thing about Flarah, and the next book will finally answer the question as well as provide some more details about Flarah’s motivation in all this.

      And yes, the harem is set as it was always destined to be at this point. The number of mates was planned at the start of the series for a reason, and that will become clear later on.

      Regarding your question about Alyssa and Triska, they’re not immortal, they can still die and have a lifespan like all living things. Alyssa’s is obviously longer than humans and with Triska being a cambion it may likely be longer for her as well. Pip and Star may also have longer lifespans than most. Regardless, all of that will be addressed as the story progresses. It’s all planned out 🙂

  3. Looks like the story is finally starting to come full circle… the Darker One that started Daniel down his path is coming back to the story (or so I would assume) and perhaps they may even get to come back face to face and Daniel can finally say “thank you”. Based on the conversations in the last book, she may even help Daniel find the remaining Pieces of Eden. The big question that I have left is how the 2 male protagonists will react to each other… they can’t kill the Gemini without each other, but neither can hit their goal for the Pieces of Eden if the other gets their way… Daemon wants to keep the pieces apart (or so he says) and Daniel wants to give freedom for freedom’s sake.

    Should be an interesting ride!

    (See, I can do short posts {*_*} )

    • Just to add a comment… previously you asked “Should {Daniel} take on more mates and extend his loving heart and nature to other monstergirls” – I would not object if Flarah were to somehow work her way in… even if only in the Epilogue to the series.

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