Next book is halfway done

It’s been a while since my last update so I thought I’d let you all know I’m still alive and well, and have reached the halfway point in the next Chronicles of Eden book. There’s no shortage of action in this one, that’s for sure. While there are scenes of lighthearted comedy here and there, this book is shaping up to be one of the more darker ones in the series by far. This is to be expected as the general theme of this Act isn’t just about Daniel and his harem but many of the characters that we’ve seen clashing with the growing threat that plans to destroy them all. While Daniel and his girls are fast-approaching their inevitable reunion with the gemini and their dark horde there are others who are already drawn into the growing conflict. The Harollson sisters will put their hunting skills to the test with some very dangerous monsters, the elves of Green Haven will face the cruelty of these savage oppressors, Daemon and his followers will uncover a new threat to their world, and new monstergirls will take the stage with one particular type drawing a heightened interest from those who have read my fanfiction story.

Much like Act VI and Act VIII, a great deal of this Act will not be focused on just Daniel and his harem but also the many confrontations that are occurring around them. This isn’t to say Daniel and his girls are sitting this book out, not at all. Daniel is going to learn just what it costs to achieve peace in this chaotic world, something that will change not only himself but also his family. However you should expect to see more interaction and development with Daemon and his girls, the unraveling mystery of what Flarah is plotting to achieve, the Harollson sisters coming face to face with the dark monsters that are marching through their land, and plenty of swords clashing and blood spilling as the danger level of this book is turned way up. For those who have found the gemini to be unbearable, despicable, and flat-out evil in the previous books, their wickedness will strike much harder and deeper in this entry as they prove that nobody is safe from their evil.

A heaping dose of action, sorrow, and some of the biggest story-changers to date will be included in the next book. This isn’t the end of the fighting. This is the beginning of the war.

4 thoughts on “Next book is halfway done

    1. I don’t normally do pre-orders as I don’t usually have an exact date to promise for release until I actually release it, and I don’t want to string along buyers with an undetermined wait time. As usual though I will post the first chapter of the book on my website shortly before it gets published for those eager to see how the book starts off.

  1. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully the Gemini are going to finally get what’s coming to them after all the horrible things they have done, but if they do finally get taken out will there be other adversaries for Daniel and his family to up against because Twilight seems like a final villain and she is confined in a prison on the other side of the world. In fact, speaking of challenges I can’t wait to see how Daniel will handle being a father to his children. What I wonder is what he will name each of them, especially if Triska’s child turns out to be a boy which will be a surprise to raise a lot of questions about her’s and Kittens state of being because they seem a lot like two different individuals that share the same body.

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