Get ready for a big series changer

I’m still hard at work with getting Chronicles of Eden – Act X set for release as soon as possible, and it’s turning out to be (in my opinion) one of the best entries in the series to date by far. Make no mistake that this entry is going to shake up the world of Eden and those that inhabit it. Daniel and his girls are nearing their inevitable reunion with the gemini, but that’s not the only thing happening in this book. As I’ve stated before there’s going to be plenty of blood spilling, swords clashing, and some very close calls for many of the characters in this story. In fact, it’s actually quite a challenge writing all these chapters one after another as many of them hit hard one after another, sometimes with powerful and even dire consequences for those it focuses on. Not going to lie, one chapter was especially hard to write, not because I couldn’t find the right words to use but because part of me dreaded having to reveal this part of the story as there would be no going back afterward. Not only that but some big reveals are finally given as to the mysteries surrounding Twilight, Flarah, and quite a few others in the world who are sure to gain high interest with readers very quickly. For those who were questioning what Flarah meant when she called Twilight a ‘Dark Queen’, you’re going to get your answer soon enough, and its going to both surprise and possibly terrify you.

This book is planned to have 13 illustrations included with it. That’s a lot of new monstergirls to meet, and possibly fear, in this upcoming entry. And the length of the book is steadily growing to provide one shocking turn after another as both Daniel and Daemon’s groups are set in a collision of their own in due time, with the resulting outcome being questionable as it becomes clear that they may not entirely be on the same side in the grand scheme of things.

All in all this book has one very distinctive theme to it. There are some monsters in the world who are truly worthy of the name ‘monster’. If you’ve come across scenes in the past that were hard to read because of the graphic violence, the horrendous behavior of the villains, or the overwhelming suspense to whether a beloved character would live to see another chapter, this book is going to top that. Over and over again. Expect no mercy from the gemini or their followers, know that this Act isn’t going to play nice with our heroes, and prepare yourselves for some heavy hitting scenes before this book comes to a close.

However that’s not to say there is no light in this book. Not all monsters in the world of Eden are evil, some of them are truly caring souls if given the chance. While the number of enemies has grown there are still new friends to make and a chance to overcome the evil that’s slowly marching across the land. One of which is another new monstergirl who has been waiting to make her debut, and she’s a very special one at that. As a source of comfort and beauty to help calm the nerves of those who have read this post and are beginning to sweat out of fear for what lies in store for Daniel and his family, here’s a preview of the lovely alurane, Nuci.

For those who recognize this flora beauty you may have noticed that its in fact my talented artist’s own character and avatar. She’s finally joining the cast of Chronicles of Eden as a certified member and monstergirl of the series. And yes, you may also be asking if she’s of the same kind of monsters as the Fluugher plant monsters that already exist in the series. Nope. Aluranes and Fluugher are separate monster classes, something that will quickly become clear when Nuci steps onto the stage with her loving heart, motherly nature, and… assets that will surely make Pip squeal in joy at seeing. There are some troubling times ahead for many, blood and tears will be shed, and some of the darkest moments for our heroes is nearly at hand. That being said, perhaps Nuci’s caring smile and gentle hand can help prepare you for the biggest entry in the series yet.

Chronicles of Eden – Act X will be coming out soon. A release date will be revealed when ready. Until then prepare yourselves for the beginning of the war. After this, there’s no going back.

8 thoughts on “Get ready for a big series changer

  1. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully the Gemini are going to finally get what’s coming to them after all the horrible things they have done, but if they do finally get taken out will there be other adversaries for Daniel and his family to up against because Twilight seems like a final villain and she is confined in a prison on the other side of the world. In fact, speaking of challenges I can’t wait to see how Daniel will handle being a father to his children. What I wonder is what he will name each of them, especially if Triska’s child turns out to be a boy which will be a surprise to raise a lot of questions about her’s and Kittens state of being because they seem a lot like two different individuals that share the same body. Also, is there a chance of more male characters joining Danile’s group because if thing are going to get more intense they are going to need all the help they can get.

    1. You know a thought came to mind. Is there a chance we will see dragons eventually in the series because it would be cool to see how they would be represented in the books.

      1. It would be awfully hard to imagine a monstergirl story without dragons showing up. That being said, you’ll have to wait and see what the future Acts hold 🙂

    1. Nuci is joining the story, but what role she’ll play with the cast I’m not saying yet. She will make a profound impression when encountered however, that much I can say.

  2. I have an idea for the book: For fluughers and aluranes, instead of giving birth normally, they lay fruits that have plant girl seeds inside them.

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