Next book underway!

The month isn’t even over and the first chapter to Chronicles of Eden – Act XI is already done. I’m just as eager as the rest of you to see the next Act of this series published as it’s finally time for the long awaited reunion between Daniel and the gemini sisters. If the ending of Act X is any indication, and it should be, things are about to get serious and deadly as Daniel and his girls come face to face with the dreaded Dark Queen and those that wish to stop their mission of bringing peace to the land once and for all. The breaking point doesn’t end there however, as another Dark Queen is close to being released which would only throw even more chaos into the mix if she were to be freed. Needless to say the next book will start off right where the last one ended and carry on through these imminent confrontations. Daniel and Daemon’s groups are slowly converging towards a common goal and a certain internal conflict, more monstergirls will be introduced, new friends and enemies will be encountered, and Daniel will need to step up not only as the knight his family needs but also someone who is willing to stand against these evil monsters to keep his dream of peaceful coexistence alive. What the world of Eden needs now more than ever, is an Alliance.

The next book is planned to be released this fall. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for your continued support.

2 thoughts on “Next book underway!

  1. Can’t wait. Hopefully after this Daniel and his mates will be able to get enough breathing room to find enough allies to bring before the human Queen to get the coexistence between humans and monster started before the next Dark Queen decides to show up and make trouble. Also, you hinted before that Dragon monster girls might make an appearance if so will they be potential allies. Another thing I’ve been wondering is if Daniel manages to convince the human Queen to give coexistence a chance will that mean he will become some kind of ambassador. Lastly, is there a chance that other male characters who are already living peacefully with monster girls be introduced, maybe even an entire village there are just so many possibilities. In fact, any chance of images of all the rulers Daniel has meet in his journey being posted a little early because I always wondered what they look like.

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