Still alive and writing! Mostly!

Sorry for the long pause of updates, this has been my sort-of-kind-of summer vacation. I’m still working on the next Chronicles of Eden book, artwork has been planned, and release is scheduled for this fall. I am also taking some time off now and again to rest and relax this summer. Of course the Steam Summer Sale and Oculus Summer Store sales have given me an increasingly large backlog of games to play, my anime collection is as always everlasting with new releases tempting me into watching more of them while previous releases are still whining they haven’t gotten their turn, and the weather has been quite pleasant to enjoy time outdoors lately which is always nice from time to time. That and I have an anime convention coming up shortly that will certainly pull me away from the computer without question.

Don’t worry though, the writing hasn’t completely stopped and never will. More updates will be coming soon as they’re available. Until then thanks to everyone for your continued support, reviews, and purchases of my books and their art prints. Every bit is appreciated. Looking forward to the next publication and releases of other projects planned as well which are all coming in due time.

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