Next book getting closer and… less darker

The next Chronicles of Eden book is set to be a major tipping point for many characters and, honestly, the series as a whole. Two major threats are being confronted one after another, two Dark Queens are stepping into the spotlight and earning their titles as true villains in the story, plenty of pain and suffering awaits those that cross them, and two knights accompanied by many lovely ladies and ferocious femme fatales are closing in on not only each other but one hell of a bloody reunion with a pair of murderous sisters. Chronicles of Eden – Act XI was initially set to solely highlight these dangerous encounters, however upon nearing completion of the book two things were glaringly apparent. One, the book’s overall length wasn’t up to par with previous entries and could stand to be expanded to include more content. Two, and this was the biggest point, it was too dark. There were not enough moments of fun, smiles, laughter, relief, or even some much needed ‘loving’ between many of the main characters (you know the ones I’m talking about). There’s plenty of action, suspense, surprise, and sorrow happening, but that’s all it was going to be. And this series doesn’t need an entry like that, it needs some balance. Some joy. Some perviness. I do have standards I hold myself to after all.

With that in mind, the book is going to fix those two issues before releasing this year. It’s going to have more content added which will help not only help explore more of the world of Eden but also provide some laughs, some time to breathe and prepare for the next battle, and also help settle some girls’ growing inner nature. Because after all the heroes have been through, and what’s to come, they could use some happy memories and moments with each other. They’re certainly going to need them.

Chronicles of Eden – Act XI is still planned to release this year, an exact date is not yet determined. Expect to see more monstergirls, more action, more mystery, and that one moment everyone’s been eagerly awaiting: Daniel’s reunion with the Gemini sisters. What happens before, during, and especially after, will change his life forever. That is a guarantee ;)

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  1. Something tells me that Daniel “dies” like if his head get chop off. But at the last moment he get stars love and it grows back

    Also Daniel children are male because is was given willingly

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