Chronicles of Eden – Act XI Preview Chapter!

It’s finally time for the fabled (not really) preview chapter of the next upcoming book to Chronicles of Eden to be available for everyone out there who doesn’t mind the first chapter being spoiled early. If you prefer to wait until the book is officially released before reading its first chapter then by all means don’t click the link below. For those who can’t wait and want to see how the next book starts off, click away! The next book is currently being revised and finalized before publishing and the final art pieces are currently being drawn up for the new monstergirls that make their debut in this entry. As soon as the book is finished, compiled, and published to Amazon there will be an announcement on all my social media pages as usual. And of course this preview chapter is only going to stay up until the book’s release, afterwards it’s being taken down like always.

It’s almost time. The start of a great war is on the horizon. The players are nearly in position on the board. And a Dark Queen will do its best to make you scream. Are you ready to cross the point of no return? Because it’s quickly approaching.

Preview chapter available with link below.

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