It’s almost time…

It’s almost time for the next act of Chronicles of Eden to begin! The final art pieces are being drawn up, the chapters are being re-checked, and more pages are still being added as the book is expanding to include more monstergirls, more reveals, more locations, more mystery, and more chaos as not one but two Dark Queens take the stage and show the world of Eden what evil monsters are truly capable of. While there have been more scenes added for joy, laughter, lewdness, and relief, don’t expect this next entry in the series to pull any punches. A great war is on the horizon, more enemies will reveal themselves, the fate of our heroes will be put on the line, and before the dust settles in this latest act two things will be painfully clear to all. Time knows no mercy, and anarchy will take everything from you.

The next book is planned for release very soon, stay tuned for updates. And I’m pleased to say that the wiki for Chronicles of Eden is growing at a steady pace. More information about the cast is being added frequently, new and interesting facts and trivia is listed, and for those with a keen eye a fact about the last Dark Queen may be noticed in the pages. The wiki will be added to continuously by both myself and those who wish to contribute to the site as there’s plenty to update and much, much more to add still.

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