Chronicles of Eden Monstergirl Matchup!

While busy at work with the latest Chronicles of Eden book I got to wondering about the many character types the series has for the various monstergirls of the story (and the ones that will be revealed with the newest book). Aiming to have a diverse selection of attractive and unique girls in the series is something that I’ve tried to keep on top of and I’m always curious to hear how the current roster of female heroes/anti-heroes/villains/side characters stacks up for readers. So I got to thinking about the types I currently have, the ones that have yet to make an appearance in the story, and which ones readers want to see more of. There are many different classifications out there of these tried and true personality archetypes from various manga/anime series so I found a pretty extensive list of the different kinds there are to compare.

So this is the challenge I ask upon everyone if you would be so kind to help. With the chart provided what characters from Chronicles of Eden do you think belong in what category, and what character types are your favorites, ones you want to see more of, or ones you want to see appear in the story at all? I want there to be a monstergirl to fit every reader’s ideal match and interest in the story, and even more of them if they’re that popular among readers. Let me know if I’m covering enough of the bases so far or if we need a more diverse cast of sexy monstergirls to appeal to a wider range of fans of the genre. Besides, if this story has taught us anything, you can never have too many monstergirls by your side ;)

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