Chronicles of Eden – Act XI is now available!

The newest entry in the lustful monstergirl series is now available on Amazon! The kindle and paperback versions are up on Amazon’s storefront, although they are still separate pages and haven’t been joined together just yet. Both links are listed below depending on which version you want to order. I could go on about how this entry is amazing, how there’s more monstergirls, more adventure, more mystery, a whole lot more lewdness, and so on, but you already know that by now. So quit reading this announcement and head on over to pick up you copy and start reading right now, Daniel and the girls are waiting for you to come see what’s in store for them next. You won’t want to miss what happens ;)

Kindle version: click here
Paperback version: click here

8 thoughts on “Chronicles of Eden – Act XI is now available!

  1. Just finished and if course it was awesome, best in the series so far in my opinion. And that ending!?! You seriously know how to torture your readers!

    1. It’s not torture, it’s just torture-like suspense 🙂 The cutoff at that point was needed because as I’m sure you’re aware the upcoming fights that have been setup along with a few others that are set to happen at the same time will require a good portion of the next book to tell. Don’t worry, the payoff for waiting will be well worth it.

  2. Just purchased the paperback version and will read it after finishing the Valens Legacy’s latest book which is my second favorite series after yours! : )

    To me saving the best for last books just makes reading it all the more sweeter!! ; )

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