The Chronicles of Eden Community Is Growing!

The latest Chronicles of Eden book is out and people are jumping into the newest addition of Eden in record numbers. More readers are following the adventures of Daniel, Triska, and the many diverse characters in this expansive series, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support with this. Book sales and art print sales are rising, the wiki is expanding, I’m looking into other merchandise options such as t-shirts and mugs (not sure when/if I’ll have figurines available, but that would be something cool to look forward to all the same), and I’m getting ready to start work on my next set of writing projects for this year that will be announced soon.

To everyone out there who buys the books, reads the books, enjoys the books, and so on, thank you for your support. I’m able to keep writing and building the world of Eden into a wonderful place to visit because of your help. I’d like to ask that if anyone out there enjoys the series and wants to see it grow and thrive, please make your voice heard as every bit helps. Write a review on Amazon, tell a friend about the world of Eden, add to a discussion post on the books’ wiki site or create your own; let me and the world know that there’s a great adventure waiting to be read with much more still to come in its future and there’s a growing number of people that want to see what comes next. I may be the author of the story and creator of its world, but you, the community, are the heart and soul.

Thank you all again, and stay tuned for further announcements 🙂


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