Status update – Act XII Teaser

It’s been a month since my last blog post, so here’s a friendly update to show I’m still alive and working. As you may, or may not, know, I have several writing projects I’m currently working on/juggling/slaving over, and to be honest it’s good to be back into the groove of things with everything. My primary focus with these have been mostly with Chronicles of Eden so far, with time set aside as well for the fanfiction works I’ll be updating. For those who are interested in an update of where I’m at with my Rosario Vampire fanfiction works, here’s the update.

-Still going through Rosario Vampire: A Game of Chance’s current chapters for revision

That’s all I’ve been able to do for it so far, I’ll notify you all when more substantial changes are made. I am setting aside time for this, but it’s both an involved process and not my highest priority in the grand order of things, so I’m going to have to ask readers to please be patient still. These stories are going to shine brightly when they’re revised, and I am looking forward to continuing Brightest Darkness with what’s about to happen.

For Chronicles of Eden there’s been a few more things I’ve been focusing on.

-Preparing 2 digital boxed sets for release soon.
–Each boxed set will include four books, all their artwork, and a new cover. They will be available only on Amazon and will also be available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. No paperback versions.

On top of that the outline draft of Chronicles of Eden – Act XII is set and I’m ready to start writing it out now. And in the interest of teasing my readers even more, here are some noteworthy points to look forward to with this epic entry.

-Daniel vs the Gemini (This is probably what everyone is waiting for the most)
-Queen Leanna makes her debut
-Mika’s fate
-Aeon’s secret
-Kroanette makes another friend
-Something that’s going to make you all cry
-Daemon’s true form
-Ragnarok, the Sword of Destruction

This entry, while not tying up all loose ends or mysteries in the series, is going to serve as an endpoint to one major arc of the story and set up what’s to come in a very profound way. Daniel has come a long way since Act I. He’s not just a thinker, he’s now also a family man, a fighter, and a much needed leader in a troubled world. He’s met many beautiful women along his journey, made new friends and lots of enemies, and has only begun to reach his full potential. Now a great trial awaits him before he can grow further. There are monsters in need of help in the world, he has many promises to uphold with protecting and caring for his harem, and a Dark Queen stands before him as his greatest enemy. It’s time for him to rise and make a difference in Eden, to be seen and heard by all, and to prove Kindra right about him. And as he’s going to quickly find out, there’s only one acceptable outcome in this Act for what needs to be done in order to do that: Down with the queen.

6 thoughts on “Status update – Act XII Teaser

    1. As of now there is no ETA as I cannot guarantee an exact one for the next book. When it gets close to release then I can provide a publication ETA.

  1. Looking forward to it! Go Daniel! Teach those crazies a lesson!
    So wanting to see Daemon’s true form!
    Although I’m a little wary about the make us ALL cry bit😧
    Please don’t make it too painful. Then again that’s your style I have noticed… Keeping us on the edge of our seat then BOOM! Something painful and drastic happens!
    Still totally excited! BRING! IT! ON!

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