Status update – 4/12/18

Some small updates to share with everyone.

The boxed sets for Chronicles of Eden are now planned to have four unique art pieces made for each set, with the girls of Eden showing their thanks for all your continued support in many various ways ;) These special pieces will only be available with the boxed sets as a unique bonus and they are certainly only for age-appropriate readers.

Another update is that the first chapter of Act XII is done. All I can say is, move over Daemon, Daniel’s starting this book off with a little swordplay of his own against the Gemini sisters, and he’s not fooling around as he not only challenges the twins in combat, but is sure to please readers with giving the murderous duo plenty to get steamed over.

More updates to come in due time. As for me, back to the writing grind.

4 thoughts on “Status update – 4/12/18

      1. Well is there an ETA for the boxsets. Because it sound like all you are waiting for is the unique art pieces before releasing them.

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