What the readers REALLY want, apparently

Well, I’ve noticed a very distinct trend happening on my blogs for the last few months. While the hype for Chronicles of Eden – Act XII is building with everything that’s set to happen, one particular event is apparently something readers are more interested in. At least it is based on most commonly searched-for terms and pages on my websites and wiki site. It’s not “Daniel vs The Gemini”, It’s not “Where In Eden Is Kroanette Now”, and it’s not “When the hell are you going to continue RVBD, you ****ing ***hole”. Okay, that last one is exaggerated, but it is along the lines of common searches in the past. People want me to continue the fanfiction, that’s been painfully clear to me for years now. Still, none of these have reached the top in the past months for the most sought out answer of a burning question everyone is asking.

Will Clover and Sivil fight in Act XII?

Looks like we’ve learned who is really running the hype-train for the next book, and it’s these two lovely elven archers. That’s right, this is the most asked and searched for term on my website. Clover and Sivil’s pages are the most viewed. Everyone is anxiously awaiting not the epic battle between Daniel Sorres and The Gemini sisters, but instead the duel between Clover and Sivil. I just have to say, that speaks volumes on how much readers like these two girls (or at least Clover, as I’m betting people are eagerly awaiting her taking on the fallen elf in the upcoming book and giving her a serious smackdown).

The answer to this question is of course, yes. I mentioned it before in an earlier post that highlighted several of the upcoming fights in Act XII, and Clover vs Sivil is certainly one of them. These two ladies are squaring off against each other and the elves of Green Haven will bear witness to the event just as the readers of the book shall. And just like all the anticipated fight scenes, I’m putting plenty of polish on these to really make them shine and memorable for everyone. So don’t worry, it won’t take long for these two to cross arrows and sharp words with one another when the book starts. The real question to ask is who will come out on top when the arrows start to fly? After all, there can be only one to lead the elves in Koskaysil.

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