Get ready for more Eden!

It’s time for some massive updates! Sorry for the wait with these, unexpected delays with getting the necessary components for the books ready, but everything is finally ready to roll out! So let’s just jump into the list with the first announcement…

Yes, a second edition of the first Chronicles of Eden book is now live! In this version I tweak some spelling and grammar errors, present a lovely new cover, and of course, due to popular demand, removed a HUGE chunk of the repetitive dialogue/bickering between the female leads, Triska and Alyssa. The story now progresses more smoothly along its plot points without dragging the reader down with unnecessary cat-fighting that, in hindsight, wasn’t really needed to begin with. The book is live on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats for new readers to try out or perhaps for those who would want to give the book another go if the first edition was too repetitive for them.

Kindle version here
Paperback version here

Next on the list of new publications is…

Two new boxed sets for Chronicles of Eden! Each set includes four books, four exclusive bonus pin-ups of the girls of Eden, and a sweet price to rival the cost of buying all the books separately. Did I mention the sexy pin-ups included? Not going to lie, Luna & Falla are my favorites ;) The sets are available on Amazon for Kindle only, sorry but there’s no option (yet) for putting together physical boxed sets on their store page. If you’re new to the series check out these great bundles and get your journey through Eden started in style, or for current readers head on over if you’re just looking to add the new hotness to your collections.
Boxed Set 1 here
Boxed Set 2 here

Next is an update that covers all existing Chronicles of Eden books, both Kindle and Paperback. Prices have been lowered for all books! And for Paperback readers, all books now have cleaner, glossier covers, smaller sizes to prevent future door-stopping uses, and easier fonts to read. And cheaper prices too, don’t forget that.

Keeping with the update-train, new artwork prints for Eden’s lovely characters are going through coloring and finalizing before release, and to push things further a new animated trailer is in the works to help showcase this expansive monstergirl saga like never before (forget about the current trailer, that one is too old and vague in comparison). The new trailer will cover all the girls in the two main harems as well as the four Dark Queens who serve as the main villains of the books. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

And on a final note, Chronicles of Eden – Act XII is halfway done with being written. All I will say for now, you’re not going to be able to put this one down once you start it.

UPDATE 7/3/18: A publication error has been found in Chronicles of Eden – Boxed Set 1, affecting Act I with bizarre unexpected line breaks. A revised copy is uploading to Amazon for future purchases, and Amazon will be pushing out the fixed copy to all current owners of the book. Sorry about that.

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