Chronicles of Eden – Act XII Preview Chapter

The latest entry in the Chronicles of Eden series has a little ways to go before it’s ready for public release, but the constant anxiously grinding of teeth by readers has not gone unnoticed as many eagerly await the fateful confrontation between Daniel Sorres and the wicked Gemini sisters that’s set to start off this book. While the end of the book is still being worked on, the beginning has already been properly set, and to offer a tasty treat for readers I’m happy to announce the Preview Chapter to Act XII is available to read for all. Unless of course in doing so will make the wait for the completed book even more irritating for some, in which case proceed only if you dare. There is still no exact ETA for release of the final version, however I can say it is drawing ever closer. So for those who can’t wait another second to see the two smug girls pictured above squaring off against Eden’s newest knight, the Preview Chapter is linked below. And as always, the Preview Chapter will only be available until the release of the book. Enjoy 😀

Preview Chapter

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