Doing some expansion, and…

One thing you learn quickly when running your own business is to expand your market or be doomed to slowly die out. Luckily, the good people at Amazon are constantly working for me (and others I guess) to help with that in an ever growing online marketplace. With that comes new distribution methods to reach a broader audience, which is good! It also means prices for services can also change, which isn’t always good. This is a case of both. With new options to spread my books to more markets and bookshelves, also comes a little higher cost for me to do so, which unfortunately translates to higher costs of selling the books. I know this is contrary to my announcement at the start of this month that I was going to lower prices for all the books and not do the opposite, but I have to be honest and do what’s best for continued sales and growth of my publishing career. Fortunately, the price increase is pretty small, so hopefully readers, both new and current, won’t be too upset about the change. I wanted to post this announcement so everyone is aware of the changes and don’t jump to conclusions that I’m trying to pull a fast one on you, I’m just doing what I need to in order to continue doing this for a living.

It’s a fine line between doing what’s beneficial for your business and what’s beneficial for your customers. I choose to believe this decision will be for both.

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