Free book weekend!

Guess what, everyone? It’s almost my birthday weekend! Well close enough as my birthday is after the weekend, but we can still celebrate anyway. And I can think of no better way of spreading the joy with everyone out there than by offering every digital copy of my Chronicles of Eden series for free! Yes, FREE! From August 3rd through August 5th each ebook of my monstergirl series will be available for free download on Amazon here. Acts I through XI will be open to all readers, so by all means spread the word to anyone who would want to jump into the series as there’s going to be no better time than this. I know giving gifts isn’t normally the tradition when it’s your birthday, but whatever; it’s my birthday weekend, I’ll do it anyway :D

Clear your weekend schedules and take a jump into the monstergirl filled world of Eden at no cost as my gift to everyone for all your continued support with my writing. If you like what you read then by all means leave a review for the books, that would make for some awesome birthday gifts for this writer and help more readers discover the series. And as always, stay tuned for future announcements regarding my stories and upcoming projects.

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