A moment for the twins

It’s been over 6 years since I started writing (with actual effort, not counting school related assignments), with 5/7/12 being the day I began publishing with the first chapter to my ongoing fanfiction, Rosario+Vampire: Brightest Darkness. Since then I’ve written chapters after chapters, scenes after scenes, and characters after characters that I’ve brought to life in new worlds and places. Although I’ve created many diverse characters rich with stories and adventures that they’ve shown readers for many years, there are two in particular that have stood the test of time and deserve special commemoration. From the start of my epic-sized fanfiction that I began my writing profession with, all the way to the latest books of my Chronicles of Eden novella series, there are two girls who have been featured and always remained throughout both stories.

The witch sisters Apoch & Astreal, also known as The Shield & the Sword, were two of my first characters ever made and have remained permanent and prominent members of my biggest stories to date. Although altered slightly to fit different tales in different worlds, the sisters at their core have always remained the same. From their appearances, magical abilities, refusal to stay dead, and trademark speaking quirks, these twin witches have served as iconic characters whose names have become synonymous with both RVBD and Chronicles of Eden.

So for all their time and efforts with helping these stories be told, let’s take a moment to recognize these original characters for what they truly are; magical.

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