Winter Projects

Let me just say that being a full-time writer certainly has its hurdles to overcome. One of which is having so many stories and projects to keep me busy all the time. To give some perspective of my work queue so far, here’s a rundown of upcoming releases, books, and writing projects I’m currently working on.

First is, of course, the next Chronicles of Eden book. Or rather two. This winter I’m going to be releasing a Chronicles of Eden – Season 1 Artbook, a paperback-only tome filled with all the character art of the first 12 books in the series along with plenty of extras. Every character will have biographies listed for them straight from the series wiki site. Additional artwork will be included, such as early concept art and how the art style evolved from the first book all the way to where the series is now. And for the first time, artwork of previously skipped characters will be included. Queen Victoria, Florence, even Alyssa and Triska’s mothers; every named character will be included in the book in full vivid color. This is without a doubt a must-have for every Chronicles of Eden fan out there.

Next is the continuation of Chronicles of Eden with its next book. No, not Act XIII. Need to keep things simple while at the same time showing progression of the series, after all nobody wants to try to figure out what Act XVIII is at first glance. The next book in the series will don the title Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act I. This is to show both that a new, fresh story arc is about to take place, and also keep the Roman numerals from going crazy as the series grows. When is this going to be released I already hear many of you asking? It’s already being worked on, so ASAP is all I can reliably say for now.

And that’s not the only book readying for release. Demons of Aether – Wings of Steel is almost ready for publication, with the first book in this series that I have really missed working on now having a refined manuscript along with new artwork for all the characters included. The last edition of Wings of Steel was, sadly, rushed to publication, having numerous spelling errors and no artwork except the cover included with the book. Now both ebook and paperback formats will be available with the new edition to give this series the proper start it deserves. Release date is very close, stay tuned for updates.

Now for the part of this update that some of you probably skipped over to. Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness. When? That’s what many have been asking me for the longest time now. My original goal was to get the massive story and its side-story edited, republished, and continued to completion this year. How did that go for me? Terrible. What time I did find to focus on the story didn’t net any positive results. My mind was just not able to properly focus on the different story, characters, and dynamics that had been established to keep them running the same way. The “revised” chapters I did do for the story turned out to be less than stellar in my honest opinion, and not nearly good enough to post online for readers to see. The truth is I currently don’t have the time or energy to properly get the job done, not without really dedicating more time to the series that I just don’t have right now. So what does this mean for the story? Simple.

It’s time for me to get help. No, not mental help, I’m fine in that regard. I mean bringing on editors and writers to help me get this fanfiction rolling properly. Those who can help with polishing the current chapters of the story. Maybe even help outline first drafts and structure for following chapters to help speed up the writing. Or if they’re so in sync with how I want the story to go they may even be able to write the full chapters themselves if they wanted to, as long as the story goes the way I intended it to go I don’t mind who does the typing. Essentially, RV: BD has grown too big for me to handle alone along with my current workload of books to write. So for that I’m offering any who want to write for the series a chance to help out if they wish to. If you or anyone you know wants to help RV: BD and its sister-story continue at a faster pace than what I can currently do for it, please let me know. Email, DA Note, Twitter DM, however you want to get in contact. I ask that anyone who wants to help with the editing or writing for the story, please send references to your writing ability so I know if this is something you can reliably handle or not. I’ve already been getting requests since I hinted about this a while ago, but I’m not putting a limit to how many people can help out, so if you want to join the writing crew then by all means send a message my way. RV: BD is pretty damn huge, so the more help I can find the better.

So that’s my current list of things going on. There are a few other smaller projects here and there, but these here are the main attractions right now. The Chronicles of Eden wiki site is still growing, and if things pick up for RV: BD perhaps another wiki site may start to bloom as well. For now, I’m heading back to the writing grind. Plenty to work on, plenty to keep busy with, and plenty to look forward to. As always, thank you everyone for your continued support, I shall do my best not to let any of you down.

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