What Patreon Rewards Would You Want?

As many already know I’m starting to grow my Patreon to help support my life decision of becoming a full time writer. As much as I love writing for a living I have to pay bills to keep living under a roof and pay many artists to help bring my stories to life. On my Patreon I currently have different rewards set up for each level of supporter, but I’m interested to know what people think of the selection. Are there rewards I should offer instead? Are there current ones that you think aren’t needed or not desirable? I’m open to experimenting with different rewards for patrons to help this thrive, I just need a little guidance on what everyone would like.

If you could spare a moment to check out my Patreon and let me know, either here, via email, on any of my social media, a brick through my window with a note tied to it (please don’t choose that last one), what do you think would work best for the rewards offered to paying patrons? All feedback is appreciated. Link to my Patreon is below.

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