Everyone’s favorite butterfly

Chronicles of Eden may have a large cast of lovely monstergirls, but this little butterfly princess has been stealing the #1 trending page on the Chronicles of Eden Wiki for some time now. Why is she getting the most views? Who could say for sure. One thing that is certain however is this feisty swordwielding princess has become quite popular with readers as of late. And who could blame them. You go, princess Complica!

One thought on “Everyone’s favorite butterfly

  1. I think a good part of it is that she took a “disability” and didn’t let it define her or ruin her life. She’s working hard to protect her family and subjects and may even start turning some of her fellow butterflies into …well…I was going to say some type of butterfly that is aggressive and Amazon like but I can’t think of any so my entire “witty” analogy just collapsed. Oh well. I hope you got a chuckle out of it.

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