Act III Coming in 2020

The next Chronicles of Eden book will be coming out sometime next year, and I’m looking forward to releasing the latest entry that’s sure to please fans who have been waiting for some serious action (wink wink) with our heroes. No exact date can be given yet as I’m still working on getting the chapters I have finished properly fine-tuned, mostly because several scenes, including Daniel’s big battle, have been going through multiple rewrites to make sure they’re prefect for readers when they go live. For now, I can at least unveil the cover art to the upcoming entry. I’ll try to get it finished as soon as I can, although during the holiday season such as this I’m mostly busy with IRL events that take precedence, but rest assured the next book will be well worth the wait 😉

4 thoughts on “Act III Coming in 2020

  1. Holiday season/IRL events def take more priority over everything else. By all means take your time with the book, you’re books are the only ones worth waiting for in my opinion.

  2. Great, looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will come soon. Is it too early to wonder about the new harem girls ie Max’s Angel and Spiders.

    1. Never too early to start speculating. This is actually a reoccurring topic that comes up frequently in the discussion forum at the Chronicles of Eden Wiki site.

  3. March, February-dare I ask January?? I’ve already come up with a few versions of the book in my head. But really looking forward to the real one.

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