Into 2020 we go!

I hope everyone had a great new year and a fantastic start to a new one. As some of you may have been wondering, no, I’m not dead, I’ve just been very busy with IRL events. Nothing bad, in fact I’m happy to say my life has been running along a very promising trajectory as of late, though time consuming all the same. At any rate, I’m here to announce several, well, announcements regarding my books and upcoming projects that I’m sure you’ve been curious about.

So first, yes, I am still working on Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act III, and no, it’s not going to be out very soon as of now. This book not only has plenty of spicy action being packed inside, but also plenty of dangerous action among three different fronts, and I’m still focusing on Daniel’s part in all that before moving on to the other two. It took nearly all of Season I for Daniel to rise to that of a fighter of some notable degree. In Season II, it will take only three entries before he rises to his next level of being a knight. In fact, I’m counting on his fight scenes to steal the book compared to the others. Time will tell I suppose. For now, I’m putting plenty of effort into making every chapter shine, so I kindly ask that readers be patient a while longer. However, I can let loose this next tidbit of info regarding the book, and that is what the art selection will be containing. Art pieces are still being drawn and more remains to be done, but here is what is planned to show up in the next book:

+ Sasha – Season II
+ Squeak – Season II
+ Ember – Season II
+ Zoey – Season II
+ Harrow – Harpy
+ Lizleth – Dark Elf
+ Monster Class: Watcher
+ Aegis

It should make for some colorful entries to enjoy 😉

In other news, I’m readying the script for the next part of the Wildfire comic. It’s time to see the village of Eston before it became a mass graveyard, and also to answer a big question: who was Alyssa’s father? Plenty of surprises await, so stay tuned.

Lastly, a new batch of art paintings is being drawn up featuring more characters from the series. Given the quality of these, it will take some time before they show up here, but to wet your appetite here’s whats on the order:

+ Mae Harollson
+ Milly Harollson
+ Sivil
+ Rio
+ Alice
+ Vale
+ Arixis
+ Kryelle
+ Diago
+ Sylian

And no, there were no spelling errors in that list. I typed those names correctly. So with that, I return to work as usual. Thank you for your support and keep watch for details and maybe a hint or two here and on the Chronicles of Eden forums regarding what’s coming up next. And as always, stay awesome.

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    1. Yes, that is heavily implied. Each of the girls Daniel will be mating with will be satisfied 100% and have their personal fetish fulfilled. Plenty of time is being reserved for each girl to have their special moment with Daniel. As for Clover, she is last in line to receive him, though I have faith he can make it to her 😉

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