End of the month update

For those wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to all this time, don’t worry, I’m alive and well. The next book is still being worked on (yes, I’m taking my sweet time with it, I know) and I’m making sure that when it comes out it is as perfect as the readers deserve it to be. Plenty happening in the next entry, a lot to work out to make sure it all flows properly, and yet it’s only setting the pace for what awaits in the latest Season. But what else have I been working on, you ask? Well, a few things here and there.

First off, I’m announcing the end of my Patreon service as of the end of this month. Yes, that’s right, no more Patreon. The reason is two-fold. First, I need to be honest with myself and acknowledge that it’s hard to consistently post updates frequent enough to warrant a Patreon service for fans. Previews of upcoming art pieces aren’t always ready every month, and snippets of upcoming chapters from the book I’m working on aren’t always set in stone or ready at all depending on the month. Basically, I feel I’m not able to reliably reward those who pledge every month, and that’s simply not cool of me. And second, with all the latest drama of Patreon suspending accounts feature anime content, especially the risque kind, I’m not sure if my Patreon would even last much longer. With how they’re treating their customers, I honestly don’t feel like supporting them anymore. So, to all those who have pledged in the past, thank you very much for your support, I hope you don’t feel it was a waste of your time or money and I truly am thankful to have such dedication among my fanbase towards my works.

But what about all those lovely previews and sneak-peeks? What will happen to them? Simple. I’m going to start posting them on my social media for everyone to see. That seems like the best thing to do for all my readers. Keep an eye out on DeviantArt and AGordonPublishing for future updates.

Next, you’ll notice that the Wildfire Comic hasn’t had any updates lately. Well, that’s because it’s not being worked on anymore. The reason is because it would take A LONG, LONG, THROBBING LONG time to get the damn thing finished with how much content is planned for it. Seriously, it’s going to be a while before we even see Alyssa in it at this rate. And that’s not the fault of the artist, it’s because it just takes longer to progress a comic than a novel. That, and let’s be honest, it’s going to cost me a fortune to have it all drawn up. But not to fear, I’m taking the outline for the comic and using it to write a full-fledged novel for readers to enjoy. You’ll still be able to see the origin story of Alyssa, it’s just going to take a while for me to write it all down first. Hopefully people will be okay with this change, and will find the alteration worth it in the long run.

As for future comics, Vale’s Tales is getting ready to continue again, and it’s about damn time if you ask me.

Thank you everyone for your patience as I work to expand the world of Eden and its adventure for all, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come next.

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