Wildfire burns once again!

While I’m managing to find time now and again to continue work on S2. Act III of the book series, I’m happy to announce I also managed to have Alyssa’s origin comic picked up again! While the pages do take some time to be made, Eden will have its prequel story continuing for readers and fans to enjoy. I know, everyone would probably prefer a release date announcement regarding the next book, but at least more of Eden is always a good thing. Head on over to the gallery section here or on my other social media to check out the newest pages!

4 thoughts on “Wildfire burns once again!

  1. A comic? That’s great. Have you given any thought to getting Raging Golden Eagle RGE over at Sick Fox Studios to do some advertising and possible publishing for it. He seems to be able to bring in a large customer base. Also I think he may be a fan of yours.

    1. While I myself am a fan of RGE as well I haven’t considered such a thing before. While my book series has a certain level of polish I’m not sure how the Wildfire comic compares to such works as he’s created, or would be worth mentioning from him. Thanks for the comment though 🙂

  2. Oh yes, i was waiting for news of the comic as well. I really love the universe you have made known as eden

    Hope things go well for you as well in the future and, i am really looking forward to reading more of the adventures of our heros and heroine there, but don’t push yourself too hard, we , the fans will still be waiting here and with the comic picked up again….

    Well , we got something to pass time with


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