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  1. I say leave it on Kindle Unlimited. There are a whole lot of books in this genre. I own and love every book in this series but if it wasn’t on Kindle Unlimited I might not have ever tried Chronicles of Eden.

  2. I would prefer that your books be multi-platform. I’ve experienced Amazon editing and banning Books that authors have created From their platform . I would really like to be able to get books on other platforms just in case . After all I never did get The pen is mightier Until it was too late .

  3. Is there a way to do both without the risk of Amazon being a frumpy old woman about it? I have a kindle but I have downloaded several authors’ books from the website links

    1. Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, if the books are removed from KDP Select program, they won’t be available to those who have them in their libraries who used KDP Select to add it. In other words, unless it was purchased, the book won’t be available after the switch. I could be wrong but that’s how I understood Amazon’s policy.

  4. I have a limited income, and I read a lot. A library service is an affordable way to read a large amount of books(as it always has been, even in the print days). If you leave KU, I will probably not be able to continue the series. For my own personal benefit, I’d prefer Kindle, but that is what is best for me, not necessarily for you.

    Do what you think is best for you, and no hard feelings from me if you leave KU. I enjoyed the story to this point immensely and will be glad I was able to read it.

    1. People will give you good reasons to stay on Amazon exclusively. People will give you good reasons to get off of Amazon exclusively. Or to be non-exclusive to anyone. The question is whether or not you want someone else meddling with your book and story.

      I have had several authors I enjoyed removed from Amazon entirely. Since I have a habit of purchasing the books I like I still have them in my library. However if I go looking for them on the Amazon website all I find is a picture of puppy dogs saying sorry could not be found so sad. Several of the authors I enjoyed quit altogether because of this. Some of the others have gone multi-platform. Another question is can you make money on multiple platforms. Yes just ask Michael Scott Earle and J A Cipriano they are still doing very well.

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