Free Book Weekend!

It’s that time again, the time for big savings and lots of books to read! I’m talking big books, with sexy monstergirls in an expanding world to explore! With that, I’m excited to announce that all this weekend of 11/6/21, I will have a huge promotion running to help prepare new and current readers for the latest book coming soon. As the next Act of Chronicles of Eden is nearing release, I wanted to extend an invite to all readers with this amazing deal.

All this weekend, you can grab the first four books of Season 1 for FREE on Amazon for digital readers! Acts 1 – 4 will be completely free for readers to sink their minds into and see how this monstergirl fantasy saga all started. But that’s not all, because books 5 – 12 are going to be discounted all weekend to the low price of $0.99! If you’re a new reader, or haven’t made your way through all the books of the first Season yet, now’s your chance to snag them all and get caught up for Season 2!

Make sure to check out the catalog on my Amazon Store Page HERE this weekend and take advantage of the savings! And if you find it in your heart to leave this author a review or two along the way, every bit is greatly appreciated and helps with drawing in more awesome readers such as yourself. I hope you all enjoy this weekend gift, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Chronicles of Eden: Season II – Act III.

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