Poll For The Latest Book

3 thoughts on “Poll For The Latest Book

  1. I bought it. I was glad that you were able to get the next one out, but there’s more on the horizon. Looking forward to seeing Damian in action with his ladies. I like the idea that you were letting the audience see the differences with not just the adults dealing with the question of what to do with this kind of society, though all of the male characters seem to be inordinately patient and never lose their temper unless the girls are in danger. As to the fun stuff; Doku is becoming my favorite.

  2. Don’t the let the haters who commented about the new book get you down Alex! To me it was worth the wait and had more than enough sex that was long overdue after the earlier books and again, I hope your next one comes out a lot sooner!

    Please keep’em coming (No pun intended) ; D

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