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While I’m busy at work on the next book, I’ve noticed that I already have most of the art pieces needed for it done, that being because I commissioned them for S2. Act III and then decided to postpone them until the next book. Since that’s the case and I have some free time to commission other things, I’m thinking of having a better cover made for the Chronicles of Eden Season 1 Collection on Amazon. As many have noticed, it’s a rather crude cover piece, and the reason for that is simple: I made it and I have no art skills whatsoever. Yes, it’s painfully obvious why I reach out to talented artists to have this stuff done right. At any rate, I will be having Daniel Sorres on the cover (no surprise there), but I’m wondering who else to have on it with him. In fact, I’m very curious what the readers would like to see.

So here’s the question I propose to you all. If you had to choose up to four other characters from the book series to join Daniel on the cover, who would they be? Let me know in the comments below who you think should be on the Season 1 Collection cover, and I’ll see what can be done about giving a suitable cover for new and current readers to enjoy.

Also, I want to thank everyone that’s been helping the Chronicles of Eden Wiki grow over the years, and also recently with all the updated info and edits that are being made. I am so thrilled to see so many people taking part in helping the community grow and thrive, and I appreciate all the help with building the Wiki page as I do struggle to find free time to update it myself. Thank you everyone for your contributions, you’ve been a colossal help with getting the site updated. And to anyone who wants to contribute to the pages or just strike up a discussion in the Wiki forum, I invite you to add your own magic to the community. I always look forward to seeing what readers are thinking about when it comes to the world of Eden.

5 thoughts on “Looking For Your Input

  1. Honestly if I could pick the characters for the books cover I’d probably go with daniel sorres obviously but then I’d have like a overshadowed image of the 3 Dark queens we met in the first season. I think that would be a good way of showing the mountain Daniel has to face

  2. Okay, how about this?

    Daniel Sorres and Daemon Warrick with their backs turned and staring down at their right hands, both solemn with what they know rests within. And, staring evilly back, are the Gemini sisters. I feel it would give a glimpse of the two main protagonists and the Season’s main villain.

  3. Always wanted Furros to be on a cover. She is like the third girl that joined in Daemons harem. Felt like she is not showcased.

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