Time For Another Update

It’s about time for another update. Doing my best to avoid another 2 year gap between the books, I’m happy to say that Chronicles of Eden S2 – Act IV is nearing halfway completion. A few more art pieces, quite a few more chapters to go, and then it will be ready for release. I know readers are eager to see what the next book will cover, especially since the last entry was more or less focused on one big event (wink wink). There’s a lot to cover in the next book, and much to get rolling for the series, so here’s an update of what the next book is set to encompass so far:

  • Daniel vs Arixis and Kryelle – Those who have read the preview chapter already know that this event won’t be pushed back any further, and is in fact set to start off the next book.
  • The Alliance – It’s about time we get an official formation of this faction.
  • Lucy’s Latest Theft – It’s going to be a big one.
  • Max and his Girls – What have they been up to? And what’s in their future?
  • Rockhelm’s Princess – She’s coming…

I’ll do my best to keep readers updated as the creation progresses. Until then, thank you for your continued support with the series. I’m excited to see how readers react to what’s in store next.

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